1 HP Power Grinder grain mill motor and shaft coupler package


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Look in the dictionary under “overkill” and you will find a picture of the 1 horsepower Power Grinder grain mill motor.

If you think it takes Hulk Hogan to break a toothpick, then this motor is for you! At 46 lbs., this motor is HUGE!

This motor is for anyone who truly wants overkill, and is willing to risk the possibility that – in the unlikely event of a jam in the mill rollers – the shaft couplers will not shear before the grain mill shaft shears.  With a 28mm shaft, the 1 HP Power Grinder grain mill motor shaft is very unlikely to shear before a grain mill shaft.

But you wanted torque, and somebody somewhere recommended a 1 HP motor, so here it is!

The 1 HP Power Grinder grain mill motor package is available in any shaft output speed, but we carry the 240 RPM speed in stock.  Other shaft output speeds are available through special order.  A limited supply of 1 HP motors are carried in inventory.  The “package” includes a 28mm coupler for the motor shaft, a rubber buna spider, a coupler for the mill shaft (please specify the mill shaft diameter required during the checkout process), and a 110 Volt compatible power cord.  The motor is shipped with the power cord not connected to the grain mill motor.  The end user is responsible for connecting the power cord to the terminal bus located in the junction box mounted on the exterior of the grain mill motor.

The shaft couplers used with the 1 HP Power Grinder grain mill motor are from the Lovejoy L095 series of shaft couplers.  Because the L095 mill shaft coupler is not ordered from Lovejoy until a purchase has been made, the mill shaft coupler will be sent separately from the motor and motor shaft coupler.  Approximately three weeks can be expected for receipt of the mill shaft coupler.

Let us know what you think!

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Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 11 in


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