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The Power Grinder grain mill motor is a reversible, 1/2 HP or 1 HP, single phase, 110 or 220 Volt, 400 Watt or 700 Watt, heavy duty (28 / 46 pound) beast which will turn any small production grain mill with a powerful, consistent recommended speed of either 180 RPM or 240 RPM.

Using Lovejoy shaft couplers, your mill will be connected with a professional direct drive “shaft to shaft” configuration for maximum torque, and reliable, safe, consistent performance.

All of the components you will need to connect your mill to the Power Grinder grain mill motor** are included in the Package listed here:

1. The Power Grinder grain mill motor in either the 180 RPM model, or the 240 RPM model.

2. A Lovejoy Coupler with a keyed 22mm bore for the Power Grinder grain mill motor. Click here for a link to a 22mm bore coupler

3. A Lovejoy coupler for your grain mill.  You will need to select the correct size and style of coupler for the shaft of your grain mill.

4. A “buna spider” insert, the rubber cushion which fits between the two couplers to prevent metal to metal contact. Click here for the Buna N Spider Insert.

Please watch the Lovejoy video linked below, which demonstrates the installation of Lovejoy couplings. Please keep in mind that Lovejoy provides information and recommendations appropriate for use in assembling complicated, high speed applications.  Not all of the equipment they recommend will be needed to configure a basic 180 RPM or 240 RPM grain mill application!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a direct drive motor / gear reduction unit to power your grain mill?

Because spinning flywheels and v-belts are dangerous, noisy, and prone to mechanical failure. If you value your health, safety, and time, and if you love your family, you will configure like a pro, and step up to the power grinder!

Will the PowerGrinder work with my grain mill?

Yes! With the shaft coupling components we offer, and with all other hardware components needed (switches, junction boxes, cord, etc) which are available through retail sources (Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Grainger, Zoro,, etc) the Power Grinder will drive all small production grain mills.

What is the torque of the 22mm output shaft?

180 RPM shaft speed (10:1 reduction) using 110 Volt current – The torque is 2kg.m. / 14.46 foot pounds / 173.52 inch pounds

240 RPM shaft speed (7.5:1 reduction) using 110 Volt current – The torque is 1.5kg.m / 10.85 foot pounds / 130.2 inch pounds

Can the power Grinder be configured in other than a direct drive connection to a grain mill?

Yes! Although a direct drive configuration is most efficient, most reliable, and safest, the motor / gear reduction unit can be configured with a pulley system (not recommended), or a geared connection to any small production grain mill.

Why not just use a cheap drill?

Several reasons:

  1. Drills are for amateurs.
  2. Drills spin at different speeds, which may be much faster than recommended for milling grain. The optimum speed for milling grain is between 150 rpm and 250 RPM.
  3. Milling grain too fast will “shred” the grain, reducing the efficiency of conversion, creating “flour” and grain dust.
  4. Milling grain too fast creates a dusty mess.
  5. Drills are not sufficiently strong enough to consistently power a grain mill for the long haul, and usually burn out.
  6. Drills are difficult and awkward to control and configure.
  7. Using a drill to power your grain mill is like using a propane torch to fry bacon in a skillet.  It may work, and it may be less expensive than a stove, but it is not how professionals do it.

Click here for Wiring Suggestions

Click here for a spec sheet diagram of the 1/2 HP (400 Watt) motor

Click here for a spec sheet diagram of the 1 HP (750 Watt) motor

Lovejoy Couplings Video