Coupler Update!

Lovejoy, Inc. has been acquired by Timken.

Timken has now implemented a policy which discriminates against vendors who sell less than $10,000 of Lovejoy products per year.  Until Timken  implemented this policy, All American Ale Works was able to offer Lovejoy shaft couplers as a Lovejoy  distributor. Because All American Ale Works does not sell more than $10,000 worth of Lovejoy shaft couplers per year, we are no longer able to offer Lovejoy products as a distributor. We apologize for the inconvenience. For future orders, Lovejoy products will be offered as current inventory allows. If a Lovejoy power transmission component (shaft coupler) is not offered on our website, the component will need to be acquired through a third party vendor.  Thank you for understanding.

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