Wiring the motor

The wiring of the motor is very straight forward, but we always recommend that a licensed electrician who is familiar with motor wiring be consulted before any connections are made.

Because these motors can be used with either 110 Volt or 220 Volt current, and because wiring is different for each current, it is important to know the Voltage of the  electrical current being used.

Please click here to read written suggestions for wiring the motor.

Remember, with 110 Volt current, no matter which direction of rotation is selected, the number 1 motor wire will always be connected to the upper terminal associated with the lower terminal to which you connect the hot wire from your switch.

With 110 Volt current, the number 4 motor wire will always be connected to the upper terminal which corresponds with the lower terminal where the neutral wire from your power source is connected.

There are six upper terminals and six corresponding lower terminals on the electrical bus located in the junction box mounted on the motor.  For 110V current, you will use only two of the upper terminals, and the two corresponding lower terminals.  It does not matter which two upper terminals you use.  The terminals are only for connecting the wires from the motor (on the upper terminals) to the wires from your power source (on the lower terminals).

If installed, a wiring diagram is located on the information plate mounted on the top of the motor.

110 Volt current is considered “low voltage”.

220 Volt current is considered “high voltage”.

Also, as a side note, if you are into overkill, and want to put your motor on steroids, then consider using 220 Volt current. However, be careful.  Although the Lovejoy couplers are designed to shear before damage occurs to components, the torque produced by these motors on 110 Volt current is more than enough to shear couplers and shafts.  Running the motor on 220 Volt current will increase the possibility of shearing couplers and / or shafts.

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