240 vs 180 – Which one is best?

Many of our fellow brewers have asked “which model is best for my application”?

The generally accepted ideal speed for milling grain (for beer brewing) is between 150 and 250 RPM.  Faster speeds shred the grain, and reduce the efficiency of starch conversion in the mash.  Faster milling speeds also create more dust.  Slower milling speeds take valuable time.

Our 180 RPM model is a workhorse, which is perfect for all applications where large quantities of grain (more than several hundred pounds of grain per week) are not being milled, and time saved is not as much of an issue.

The 240 RPM model is offered for applications where large quantities of grain are being milled, and the one rotary per second faster speed helps to reduce the amount of time taken for milling.

Both the 180 and the 240 have more than enough torque for any milling application – even starting with a full hopper – and both models provide smooth, steady, even milling, with no hesitation.

Hope this helps!

Happy Brewing!


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